You don’t need to be a web security expert to protect your users. PassDefense handles everything including user authentication, secure storage of your users passwords, and tools to help monitor your usage.


Simply by using PassDefense, you add an entire layer of security to your application. We utilize military grade cryptography to ensure that your users are the only ones who know their password.


We provide you with code libraries and utilities you'll need in order to safely communicate with the PassDefense API - written in a multitude of different programming languages, for any platform.


PassDefense is distributed and fully load balanced across various geographic regions of the world. We utilize redundant elastic cloud storage to ensure we provide you and your users with the highest availability.

Why use PassDefense?

Get the shield

Add the PassDefense shield to your site to let your users and clients know that their password information is protected by the highest grade in Internet security.

We're developers, too

Our team is made up of developers and entrepreneurs who have been there and seen the issues in web security firsthand. We are dedicated to building the best and simplest authentication solution for developers.

Documentation that doesn't suck

We too have struggled with poor documentation for popular API’s. We vow to always keep documentation up-to-date and simple to read, while offering a plethora of examples in several programming languages.

Authentication as a service

Quit worrying about developing your own secure authentication service and get back to doing what you do best, we'll take it from here.

Start authenticating your users securely.   Get Started with PassDefense